Windows®: Support and FAQ Traveler’s phrasebook

The application is available only as a FREE application. You may try the application and learn about its contents for FREE and without further obligation. Then directly from this application you may buy individual traveler’s phrasebooks or the complete package to save money. Windows Store enables direct purchasing via the application „In-App Purchase“.
No. In the application, every conversation is listed with its price and the current price of the complete package. Every user is free to decide to buy individual languages or the complete traveler’s phrasebooks package. The price of the complete package is not influenced by previously purchased individual languages.
Yes, if both devices have the Windows operating system and if you are logged into the same user account as at the time of purchase. To install the application on your tablet, select the ‘Settings’ function of the application. Click on ‘Restore purchased languages’. The Windows store does not enable purchase of the same application or its parts more than once.
Click on the item ‘Restore purchased languages’ under the ‘Settings’ option of the application. You have to be logged into the same user account as at the time of purchase.

If you wish to contact our customer support, please send an email directly from the application Traveler’s phrasebook (Settings - Support). In case this isn’t possible, you may use the following form: